Sunday, November 14, 2010


People do not always mean what they say.  This is very particularly true with our political leaders.  They say quite the opposite of what they really mean.

Today I heard a Minister saying, "Tomorrow first thing in the morning" to a group of eager listeners who surrounded him.  Later I found out from this group that he had been promising to take action for quite sometime already.  Whenever, they met him, his answer was almost similar.

A friend of mine joked about the whole thing.  He commented that these political leaders always do not mean what they say.  Then he quoted some interesting jokes.  He said when the remark was as such, they really mean that nothing has got done yet ... at least not 'tomorrow' again and again.

Another interesting joke is this rather popular quote often made now.  When they say, "There was a slight miscommunication" what they actually mean is that they had actually lied.

So when they tell us, "We are on the right track but there need to be a slight extension of the deadline, .. or we need the rakyat's feedback" they must mean that they had screwed up!