Thursday, September 30, 2010


I must respond to this news.  Like a lot of fellow Malaysians, I just got pissed with the antics and gimmicks of this one particular leader.  Most of the time he was very annoying.

This is not a racial issue.  Rather, it is his attitude and arrogance that make people simply detest him.

Once he was a BN-MIC inncumbent.  But he lost shamefully during the last election.  Who does not know Samy Vellu?

I quote the breaking news saying that he is retiring for good in three months' time:

Malaysian Indian leader steps down from controversial career

The leader of Malaysia's largest ethnic Indian party said Thursday he will step down next January after stubbornly clinging to power despite a drubbing in 2008 national elections.

S. Samy Vellu, who since 1979 has led the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), which is part of the ruling coalition, has had a long and controversial career as the strongman of politics in the minority community.

"Today, I'm officially announcing my decision to step down and pass the leadership to my deputy in January next year," he said according to state news agency Bernama.

The 74-year-old had previously promised to step down some time "eight or nine months" before his term expires in May 2012.

Known for his almost total dominance over the Indian community's political scene, Samy was one of Malaysia's longest-serving ministers until 2008 when his party lost six of nine parliamentary seats contested, including his own.

Voters backed a resurgent opposition over the MIC, which was criticised for failing to improve the lives of Indians who are disadvantaged in terms of education, wealth and employment.

The drubbing was part of a humbling result for the 13-member Barisan Nasional coalition which lost five states and a third of parliamentary seats in the landmark elections.

Despite mounting calls for his resignation from within the coalition, which is intent on recovering minority support, Samy stood and won another term as party president in September 2009.

Ethnic Indians make up less than eight percent of the 27 million population of Malaysia, which is dominated by Muslim Malays and includes a sizeable ethnic Chinese community.

People would be hesitant to believe this news.  Most of us would be asking, 'Are you sure? Is it final?'

Only time will tell.  But I believe many are praying that it is surely and finally happening.