Thursday, April 22, 2010


Only Allah The Almighty know best. Come Sunday, people in Hulu Selangor will go to the poll again.   Later in the evening the result would be known.

But up to last night, the PM, Dato' Sri Najib had this to say, "Barisan will rise again."  However, he went on to say that in order to achieve that, the Barisan election machinery had to work hard and cut down on unproductive work.

“Work more, sleep less and talk less. This is not just about another parliamentary seat but about charting support and direction for the country,” he said in his speech at a dinner held at the coalition’s main command centre in Bukit Sentosa.

There was a crowd of like more than a thousand people there.  However, they were later identified as BN's Hulu Selangor by-election workers who had gathered to welcome Najib, who in turn also met the BN’s candidate P. Kamalanathan for the first time since he was picked to contest.

Najib also made a remark that PKR's candidate, Dato' Zaid was an UMNO reject.  But the truth is Zaid resigned from all UMNO-related posts before he was finally sacked because he appeared at PR coalition's gathering.  The whole world knew the truth.  Those who said otherwise are either in denial, or are blatantly arrogant.

What do we make out of all these untruthfulness being told publicly?  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.