Monday, June 21, 2010


I have been offered the managerial post. But if I were to accept I would have to move to a branch which is too far away from home.  So I am in a dilemma.

Our local banks have extensive branch networks.  Some are in urban A  zone and some are in remote areas.  The position I am offered in somewhere in between.  Of course there will be salary and allowance increases along with other perks.  However, there would more stresses too; one of them is the traffic jam.

I am weighing the RM2,000 + additional against the hardships that I would have to endure.  My friends have bad experiences over the promotions.  So I am just trying to be practical.

Fortunately, this is a conditional offer, and not a directive.  I am given time to consider too.  Well, at least I have another week to play with.